23. What documents do I need to have to be in Mexico for me and my vessel?


You’ll need to have the current documents and paperwork mentioned below — both the originals and copies:

  1. The original of your vessel documentation — with current stamp — , state registration or Notarized Bill of Sale.
  2. Temporary Import Permit (TIP)
  3. Passports for the entire crew.
  4. Mexican “Tourist Cards” (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM)
  5. Proof of liability Insurance — mostly only required by marinas.
  6. Fishing Permits even if you’re just carrying fishing gear it’s a good idea to have them. www.sportfishingbcs.gob.mx
  7. Crew List showing your International clear in.
  8. Notarized permission letter for children who are minors if they are not accompanied by both their parents — muy importante!
  9. Letter of Authorization if a captain is to be left in charge of the boat