4. Does a Temporary Import Permit allow me to bring ANYTHING for my boat into Mexico duty free?


The items to be imported must be equipment for the boat or for its repair or maintenance. These items must have the ability to be fully identifiable, with make, model number and serial number if it has one. It must be parts of equipment for the vessel. Consumables like oil, rivets, nuts and bolts, adhesive tape, sealers, liquids, cables, etc are not subject to this type of importation. These items must be declared and duty paid. Also, anything that is not boat parts and equipment, and are not personal effects (like clothes, lap top, camera, fishing rods etc) are subject to duties. (List of items considered personal effects)

Importation must be done at the point the goods enter the country: at the border if you drive over, in Los Cabos airport, for example, if it comes on a direct flight from USA, or in Guadalajara or Mexico City, if that is where the plane first touches down.

Following is a suggested procedure for importing equipment, parts and materials. Bear in mind that each Customs port, even each official, may do things differently.

A.- Arriving with merchandise at the Mexican border (by car):
Have with you a copy of your Temporary Import Permit (TIP), copy of the Banjército form (“Registro de importación temporal de mercancias destinadas al mantenimiento y reparación de las embarcaciones temporalmente importadas”) to import the items you are bringing in, copies of the Invoices of the equipment you are importing, with make, model and serial numbers (if they exist) and accurate description of the merchandise, and a letter from a marina vouching that the goods are for a vessel in that marina (not mandatory but helps many times).

B.- Merchandise shipped direct to La Paz by air. These items must be picked up by the owner/skipper of the vessel.

  • Go to customs cargo office at the airport and pick up the Guía or Cargo Manifest. On this visit get all serial numbers and relevant information regarding merchandise shipped, if you do not have it.
  • Go to the Banjército CIITEV office, if one is near or have someone do it for you at the original Banjército CIITEV office where you got the original Temporary Import Permit and have them fill out the Banjército form, to import the items you require.
  • Make two copies of your TIP.
  • Have copy of Guia and Cargo Manifest.
  • Have original and copy of third party voucher if requested.
  • Have two copies of the invoice of the merchandise being imported.
  • Present all the above at the Customs office.

In one to three days the office will issue you a letter to present to the Customs official at the airport (Vista) instructing him to inspect the merchandise and release it to you if all is in order.

C.- Merchandise sent by overnight or express mail like DHL, UPS,  FEDEX, or USPS

You must deal directly with these companies, we have found DHL to be the most informed regarding the process, however, YOU MUST PLAN AHEAD!!

  • Go to the Banjército CIITEV office, if one is near, or have someone do it for you at the Banjército CIITEV office where you got the original Temporary Import Permit and have them fill out the Banjército form to import the items you require.
  • Send to the person shipping the goods a copy of your TIP, the copy of the Banjército form, and be sure to have him or her included these documents in the exterior packet taped to the package.
  • As soon as the package is sent, have the sender give you the tracking number (Número de Guia) for the package.
  • DHL has a person in charge of importing all goods shipped Via DHL. Their Mexico Hub is in Guadalajara and that is where the goods get imported. As soon as you know the Tracking Number call or e mail and let them know the Tracking Number for the package and that you wish to have them temporarily import the goods. They must know before the goods arrive in Guadalajara so that he can take it from the normal processing line and give it special Temporary Import treatment. I would recommend you contact the designated person with DHL prior to shipment and go over everything with him so he knows to expect the shipment.
  • Marina de La Paz, can get you a copy of the official letter that spells out the process for express mail companies. If you use some other express freight company, set up the process ahead of time, find out where the import hub is and contact the person in charge of importations.
  • You should not have to pay any Taxes or extra fees for this, and if all is set up right, there should be no delay.

Note: Procedures change often (faster than we update this web page) so be sure to ask for latest procedure before you start.