6. What immigration requirements are there and do I have to check in and out with immigration when arriving from or departing to another Mexican Port?


Everyone traveling to Mexico must obtain a Mexican ‘Tourist Card’ now called a Visitor FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple de Visitante sin permiso para realizar actividades remuneradas) and the cost is $558.00 pesos (2019) or a Visa if you are from a country that Mexico requires you have a Visa.

With the changes in the Law described in #5 above, immigration no longer requires foreign crew and passengers to check in or out in coastal navigation. You must check in when arriving from a foreign port and check out when departing to a foreign port.  Your tourist visa will be taken from you upon departure, so it is recommended that you have or make a photocopy to keep in your file.

The Visitor FMM  can be obtained upon arrival at your first official port of entry, and can be pre paid for online by going to the following web page https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroEmbarques/. Or https://www.gob.mx/inm/acciones-y-programas/sport-fishing-and-nautical-tourism

 It is a good idea to do this since you will have proof of payment of the FMM Visitor form even if you do not have the Visitor FMM itself. At the first official port of entry you present the payment receipt and they will proceed to fill out, stamp and give you the form valid for up to 180 days. A tip: when you fill out the information requested on the web page, do so individually, one person at a time so you will get one receipt for each person in that person´s name. To do this you state that there is only one person on board the vessel when on STEP 2 of the process. If you say 2 people you will be billed for two people but get one receipt in the name of the person filling out the form. If you are a couple and both will be getting the Visitor FMM at the same time then it would not be a problem since you will be given two Visitor FMM. The payment on line is the only payment required for the Visitor FMM, you will not be charged again when they issue the document at the port of entry immigration office. Paying on line ahead of time will also save you a trip to the bank.

 The immigration web page also states that you can e mail the Ensenada office, send them the copy of the pre payment receipt and that they will issue the Visitor FMM and send it by e mail.  https://www.gob.mx/inm/acciones-y-programas/sport-fishing-and-nautical-tourism