9. What mailing address should I use to receive mail in La Paz?


Please use the following address for mail sent through the regular postal service:

Your Name
Your Boat Name
Apdo. Postal 366
La Paz, CP 23000, BCS, Mexico

The mail is sorted and placed in the Club Cruceros de La Paz building at MLP; as a courtesy for Club handling of your mail you should join the Club ($10.00 per year). Bring a supply of U.S. stamps, as there is an informal hand delivery system in place, whereby cruiser/guests are willing to carry letter mail when they fly north.

If mail is being sent by a family member via one of the special delivery services, like UPS, tell them not to include a surprise gift, or medicines, as this will sidetrack the shipment in Customs on the mainland of Mexico where the shipments are first checked.