5. Do I have to check in and out of every port in Mexico?


Mexico changed its clear-in and clear-out procedure for coastal navigation (Mexican port to Mexican port) for private yachts. (Article 50 of the Navigation and Maritime Comerce Law). Once the vessel formally clears in to the county at its first port of entry, the only requirement is that the vessel notify the Port Captain’s office or an authorized marina of its arrivals and departures. They will require vessel name, last port of call or port of destination, changes in crew and vessel documentation or registration number. «Despachos» are no longer needed except for international departure. When clearing in or out of the country by sea the services of a ship’s agent is optional.  The Port Captain in La Paz district (including Cabo San Lucas) requires a health inspection of the vessel before issuing a «Despacho» for international waters, this takes a day or two to obtain.